Friday, August 6, 2010

Bio gas and Fertilizer from food and vegetable waste.

When I pass near Boat Basin Clifton,there are two types of bad smells and air that I inhale: stink of untreated sewerage that stagnates in Nehre-Umar Khayyam and its outfall into the basin and stink of putrefying food waste.Similarly in vegetable markets and Sunday markets , one comes across vegetable and fruit waste creating foul smell and degenerating the general environment and sanitation.The keepers complain that the waste is too much to be lifted away by the local municipality.The irony is that this kind of organic waste can be treated/composted at site.The space often spoiled and occupied by accumulated and spilled waste can be utilized or substituted.

The output of such treatment is biogas and fertilizer.Biogas can be bottled or consumed locally by the workers for cooking food and making tea.All it requires is two or more rather deep excavation of an area compatible with the waste stream volume.A rubber sheeting to cover and provide anaerobic conditions and a few suitably perforated pipes dug into the waste for collecting the biogas.

This is not a too difficult job .Local municipalities employees could be trained in Composting and services of a bio-scientists provided. The core municipality team could then go to the localities and train the local staff of the markets.One or two specialist malis could be hired and made incharge of the routine work.In Pakistan there should be several hundred such spots needing this kind of service and facility

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